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Peak Substation Services is a Structural and electrical materials packager for utilities, utility contractors, and industrial customers operating across the United States. With more than 1000 packages and 100+ years of combined employee team experience in substation packaging, design, distribution, manufacturing, construction, and procurement Peak Substation Services is a great resource.


As a packager, we will help with the details of your design, procure and receive the material, and coordinate purchasing and delivery logistics.

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We perform complete material take-off’s from drawings and specifications, provide budget information purchase materials, and ship to destinations across the United States. We also provide and ship high-voltage parts and materials on an as-needed basis through our Product Sales division.


Peak Substation Services adds value in many ways, but the most prominent are the reduce man-hours that are involved in coordinating and completing a project, and we can reduce the combined material costs for the project by maximizing our purchasing experience and vendor relationships.

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Every substation or overhead line requires many pieces of equipment and material that are usually required to arrive at the jobsite per a designated construction schedule or on a JIT basis. A packager is involved to reduce the direct involvement of the utility or consultant:

Our Bill-Of-Material provides the customer with an itemized physical “take-off” where we determine each type, quantity, and size of material required for the job. This is performed from analyzing drawings and specifications of a pre-designed substation. We use our employees instead of yours to count and price everything from grounding material to the nuts and bolts.

Purchase orders – we use our purchasing and shipping logistics department issue the many purchase orders required to complete a package while you send only one to us.

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