Substation Safety Measures to Implement Immediately

Substations are inherently dangerous and deadly places, and even the smallest mistake or oversight can cause serious damage. Fortunately, careful consideration of general and specific risk [...]

The Copper Theft Crisis – Substation Theft Prevention

Substation copper theft has become a crisis. In the past year, the number of copper theft attempts and successes has skyrocketed. The problem does not only cause outages and costly damages for [...]

Squirrels vs. Line Guards – Don’t Go Nuts Over Power Outtages!

Protecting your power lines and transformers not only helps you prevent service interruption but also saves you money. A surprising amount of power outages are caused by wild animals, such as [...]

Insulated Gloves: Inspection and Storage Standards

Insulated gloves are one of the most important pieces of safety equipment for substation workers. If they aren’t effective… well, I’m sure you can imagine. Insulating gloves must meet [...]

Personal Protective Equipment – Requirements and Other Considerations

When it comes to substation safety requirements, personal protective equipment is integral, here are the most important requirements you should be aware of regarding personal protective [...]

Personal Voltage Detectors

Learn why having a Personal Voltage Detector may just save your life!   How they work Personal Voltage Detectors (PVDs) are worn on the outside of your clothing, sometimes with a lanyard or [...]

Proper Substation Configuration & Design – A Key to Substation Safety

Learn why proper configuration and substation design is vital to the safety and success of your substation. Proper substation configuration The main components of proper substation configuration [...]

Substation Design –Digitizing & Simplifying

Learning how going digital could positively influence your substation safety and efficiency overall. The new substation standard Most utility engineers now accept that digital substations are the [...]

How to Test Your Facility for Partial Discharge

Learn what Partial Discharge is and how you can effectively test for it to prevent high and medium voltage equipment failure. What is Partial Discharge? Partial Discharge (PD) is a spark bridging [...]

Arc Flash Hazard Prevention for Substations

Learn how to prevent this risky electrical hazard on your substation grounds. What is arc flash? When a fault arcs, the result is a rapid release of energy, causing what is called an arc flash. [...]

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