Get the Lowdown of Different Types of Utility Poles

Utility Poles are installed in the ground and their main purpose is to support utility equipment which includes telephone wires, communication cables, electricity distribution equipment, power [...]

Distribution Lines Reliabilty

In the USA, many different natural disasters have occurred over the past few years. This has highlighted the importance of ensuring that infrastructure is safe and reliable should the worst [...]

What is the substation design process?

When building an electric substation, there is a very specific design process that every engineering team must follow. These steps can also be applied when retrofitting an old substation. While [...]

Dry Type Transformers and Their Ability to Self-Extinguish

Dry-type transformers are used for commercial and industrial purposes. These transformers are designed for enhancing, upgrading or lowering down voltages and for other power supply related work. [...]

The Importance of Substation Design

Substations are necessary because they are the important components of the overall electrical infrastructure that is made up of a place. They are basically electrical substations and they are [...]

How to Measure the Cost of Electricity

Electricity is the continuous flow of electric charge which is used to power a lot of devices. The effects of electricity control much of people’s daily lives. Almost all of the gadgets used and [...]

How Does Your City’s Power Grid Actually Work?

Electricity is one of man’s biggest discoveries. Since the discovery of electricity everything in this world has changed. But do you really know how is electricity made available for your [...]

The Biggest Power Outages in US History

USA’s electric grid is made up of an astounding 450,000 miles of high voltage transmission lines. These power grids supply over electricity to over 140 million customers over residences, [...]

How do Windmills Generate Electricity?

Windmills convert the kinetic energy of wind into mechanical power or electricity. This whole process is done using large wind turbines or windmills. These windmills are connected to generators [...]

Smart Grid Technology – Solving Medium Voltage Substation Issues

Utility companies are facing increased pressure to keep down costs and optimize assets, while improving power and service quality, despite struggling to manage distributed energy resources’ [...]

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