Proper Substation Configuration & Design – A Key to Substation Safety

Learn why proper configuration and substation design is vital to the safety and success of your substation. Proper substation configuration The main components of proper substation configuration [...]

Substation Design –Digitizing & Simplifying

Learning how going digital could positively influence your substation safety and efficiency overall. The new substation standard Most utility engineers now accept that digital substations are the [...]

How to Test Your Facility for Partial Discharge

Learn what Partial Discharge is and how you can effectively test for it to prevent high and medium voltage equipment failure. What is Partial Discharge? Partial Discharge (PD) is a spark bridging [...]

Arc Flash Hazard Prevention for Substations

Learn how to prevent this risky electrical hazard on your substation grounds. What is arc flash? When a fault arcs, the result is a rapid release of energy, causing what is called an arc flash. [...]

Substation Accessibility – Safety Factors To Be Aware Of

Substations have the potential to be high-risk and pose unique hazards. Here are some ways you can manage your substation accessibility to prevent future safety risks. Why substation [...]

Maintaining Personal Protective Grounding Equipment

Any electrical engineer worth their salt will know how incredibly important it is to maintain personal protective grounding equipment! This is, however, easier said than done, but time should [...]


Working on an electric utility project can be a daunting task. From conception to the point of completion, is a series of processes that must be done right. And this is for no other reason other [...]

Improving Line Performance

The Change As you may know, there have been some recent updates to OSHA 1910.269(n) and 1926.962. This means that employers should be responsible for ensuring that their personal protective [...]

Best Design Software Platform For Engineers

Engineers have forever been the bridge to life-changing and remarkable inventions. Owing to their efforts they’ve continuously made concepts and ideas come to life. And as the creators that [...]

Top Engineering Schools in the US

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