Ways to Achieve Grid Flexibility

The demand for electricity is on the rise across multiple industries and locations around the globe. A grid is a network that interconnects between production, transmission, and consumption of electricity and plays a crucial role in the distribution of power to consumers. The conventional methods of storing and producing electricity have operated on the basis…

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The Basics of Power Transfer

In order to power buildings, generators, and substations, electricity needs to be transmitted from one location to another. These electrical power transmissions have to move a considerable amount of electricity around from a source, such as a power plant, to a substation where it can be harnessed, transformed, and pushed through to consumers and other…

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Adaptable Smart Grids Are the Future

Aerial view of an illuminated city skyline.

The production, transmission, consumption, and storage of electricity are changing, with increased demand and supply of renewable energy from multiple sources. The grid of the future must adapt to cope and sustain electricity transmission. Emerging technologies are shaping and disrupting the reliance on the current energy grids. Adaptable Grids Are the Future Grids of the…

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Quality Arrestors – What You Should Be Looking For

Aerial view of a power plant.

An arrestor, also known as a surge arrestor, is an electronic device that regulates the voltage on equipment by redirecting large flows of current through an alternate circuit to the earth. By channeling huge surges of power to the ground, arrestors are able to protect electronic equipment and electrical systems that are not designed to…

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How AMI Plays a Part in the Modern Grid

With a city skyline in the distance, here stand power lines connecting with digital points via blue tint.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is driving innovation in the modern grid in a number of ways. An AMI is a two-way system for communicating and collecting detailed information for utilities such as electricity. AMIs allow for real-time, automated readings that let customers and professional utility providers get a better picture of usage and peak times.…

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Preparing the Grid for Decarbonization

Man with safety harness installing solar panels on roof-top of a home.

Decarbonization of energy means reducing carbon emissions accompanying the production of power. Such efforts are praised for their potential support for environmental sustainability. However, making this switch requires a significant commitment in terms of investing in infrastructure and other critical requirements. Therefore, decarbonization of energy production would require major preparations to accommodate the complexities of…

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The Benefits of Integrating Wind Energy to the Grid

Dozens of windmills sitting on desert ground with mountains in the background.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, less than 10% of power in the U.S. is generated from wind. According to the EIA, despite a seemingly low percentage of total control, wind energy use has grown exponentially in the last 30 years, including more than 5000% since 2000. Many people are already taking advantage of…

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Revolutionizing The Smart Grid With Battery Energy Storage

An Electric car being charged.

Battery energy storage has undergone a significant transformation in recent years, in part due to the increased demand for power from consumers as well as industry. New technologies are also better capable of managing the flow of electrons in batteries, making increasing battery energy storage much simpler. This surge in battery energy storage means that…

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The Ultimate Guide To Circuit Breakers

High voltage power line towers on grassy plains

Circuit breakers stop the flow of electricity in order to prevent electrical overloads. There are many types of circuit breakers and it is important for anyone who works with them or relies on them to understand how they work. Circuit breakers have been widely used for the last century, and are an important fire safety…

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Which City Has The Most Expensive Electricity?

Aerial view of a coastal city with the ocean that sits in the rear.

Americans are constantly looking for ways to save money, and energy is a big expense. However, there are some cities in the USA that have more expensive electricity than others. In this article, we will discuss which city has the most expensive electricity in America and why. The cost of electricity varies greatly from one…

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