Understanding The Value Of Distributed Energy Resource (DER)

Backyard party with a focus on the lightbulbs that stretch from the housing.

Distributed Energy Resources (DER) are renewable energy systems or units that can be found in businesses or homes, and they provide them with power. They’re also referred to as “behind the meter” because the electricity is managed or generated behind the electricity meter in the house or business. Common examples of DER include thermal energy…

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How Solar Power Benefits The Electricity Grid

Solar Panels with a sky background.

It’s no secret that solar power has become radically popular in recent years, owing to its increased efficiency. It has grown yearly to the point that over 18.6 million American homes are currently fuelled by this form of energy. However, solar power does not just benefit those with solar panels – it also helps the…

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3 Benefits Of Energy Storage

Windmills with mountains in the background.

Generally speaking, energy storage is the conversion of electrical energy into a stored form for use at a later time to reduce the imbalances between energy production and energy demand. Energy storage creates a more flexible and reliable grid system, and it is commercially available today as a tool for making facilities resilient, reducing electric…

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The Role Of A Microgrid

Digital futuristic background.

The energy demands of the planet are constantly increasing. Because of our reliance on energy, and our vast consumption of it, the way we source it is constantly evolving, requiring multiple strategies to ensure that supply can keep up with demand.  Microgrids are one example of a mechanism that enables an optimal supply of electricity…

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4 Things To Know About Integrated Energy Planning

Group of lightbulbs together lit in the dark.

Integrated energy planning is a key tool that combines different sources of energy and directs them to where they are most needed. Integrated energy combines mobility energy sectors, individual electricity, and heat to help promote the efficient use of energy.  Integrated energy is an increasingly popular solution, especially if countries such as the US want…

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Prosumer VS Consumer: What’s The Difference?

Reflective lights in a hallway with people traveling on a floor escalator.

In an ever-changing world where new terms are constantly being thrown around, it can be hard to keep up with the latest lingo – especially in the energy source sector. We’re all probably familiar with the term “consumer”…but there’s a new kid on the sustainability block: “prosumer”. But what does it mean to be a…

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Building A More Resilient Energy Grid For The Future

Power towers from a grounds eye view, at sunset.

It’s no secret that vulnerabilities to climate and disaster exist in the current power grid system. A good example is the state of Texas, which experienced a major power crisis back in February as a result of severe winter storms. The extreme weather caused not only widespread outages but also extensive power failure and damage. …

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The Shift Toward Consumer-Driven Energy

Windmills at dusk of a beautiful sunset.

Since the origins of electricity in households and businesses, energy companies have held 100% of the power. From fossil fuel to thermal energy to nuclear power, just about every form of electricity generation in the past has been solely the responsibility of energy suppliers. But with the rise of solar panels, modernized grids, and wind…

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The Future of Electricity Rate Design

A city at night with bright lights and a factory fume coating the sky.

For many years, rate pricing was dictated by power companies as the sole monopolies in their fields. To access electricity, you had to pay the rates given, with no other option to choose from. But as the energy field has evolved and more and more suppliers and vying for space in a changing market, electricity…

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Centralized vs. Decentralized Energy

Windmills stretch across a shoreline at dusk.

From freak weather to hurricane seasons, blizzards to storms, being able to access consistent power throughout any number of disasters is essential for the general public’s well-being. While centralized energy has long been the norm for households across the US, the concept of decentralized energy is one that’s rapidly growing in popularity. When it comes…

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