Dry Type Transformers and Their Ability to Self-Extinguish

Dry-type transformers are used for commercial and industrial purposes. These transformers are designed for enhancing, upgrading or lowering down voltages and for other power supply related work. The self-extinguishing benefits of dry-type transformers are the reason that makes it better than the rest. Dry-type transformers can self-extinguish. But do you know what the term “Self-extinguishing” really means? Here, we’ll explore the features of a self-extinguishing transformer.

Why the Term “Dry”?

The term ‘‘dry’’, is related to the cooling down ability of dry-type transformers. This type of transformer cools down itself using ventilation and air to normalize heat naturally. This makes it a “dry” transformer as no oils are used for any of its operational methods. No liquid or silicone substances are used to cool the transformer down either. 

What Does Self-Extinguishing Mean?

Self-extinguishing refers to the ability of the transformer to prevent a fire. It slows down combustion by removing heat, oxygen, and fuel. This feature makes it completely fire-resistant. Aluminum, silica, and epoxy resins are all self-extinguishing materials used in the production of dry-type transformers. 

The Role of Resin

The primary flame preventing properties of resin include its high resistance, reduced smoke emission, reduced rate of flame speed, and reduced heat release. Moreover, resin has chemical resistant features and adapts to its environment. Since resin is such a fire-resistant material, it is easy to see why it’s used in dry-type transformers.

 Aluminum’s Ability to Self-Extinguish

Aluminum is one of the primary materials used for manufacturing dry-type transformers. This is because this chemical helps in the reduction of the speed of smokes and fumes. Since the melting point of aluminum is comparatively low, it does not allow the flames to develop, and it melts down and does not burn when it is open to fire. Aluminum has a more exceptional ability to absorb the thermal energy from the heat and fire and has higher heat conductivity. These properties are essential for having a self-extinguishing feature, and aluminum contains all of them. This is the main reason that aluminum is used in dry-type transformers.