How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform the Future of the Power Grid

The power of artificial intelligence can be seen in just about every corner of the industry. From consumer and retail use to factory lines and technical software, AI is as much a part of modern systems as other forms of automation. Energy is no different – and with artificial intelligence now being utilized in the energy sector in general, the power grid’s impact will become more and more visible.

How will artificial intelligence transform the power grid, and what can we expect to see in the future? Read on to find out more about artificial intelligence and energy and the impact that this unique technology will likely have in the very near future:

What is AI in energy?

While we often associate AI with gimmicks and gadgets, artificial intelligence has firmly established itself as an invaluable tool in every area of energy production and distribution. The result of this increasing reliance on automation and AI to achieve results means the power grid is also changing – alongside the demand and technical requirements needed to manage an increasingly digital system.

In comparison to some industries, AI is still in its infancy in the energy industry. But as demand grows, companies and electrical providers will likely rely more and more on digital techniques to meet growing requirements and ever-increasing demands from the general public and businesses, and the Government. AI provides the key to much-needed digitization without the problem of human error.

How does AI benefit the power grid?

While AI is a multi-purpose tool, its specific purpose in the power sector is to improve efficiency, provide analytics, and find failures and issues quickly and more effectively. Essentially, artificial intelligence acts to optimize the energy industry further, allowing necessary management to be completed in milliseconds that could take a human operator or technician minutes.

AI is hugely beneficial because it doesn’t get bored, and it doesn’t deviate. While people are prone to accidents and issues, AI is pure code – that means it does what it’s built for, no more, no less. Not every job can be replaced by AI. Still, AI’s application can make a wide array of different jobs easier, more effective, and more practical for electricians and energy businesses alike.

What will the power grid look like in the future?

With the use of AI, the power grid will become more digitized than ever before. While this may be challenging for old-school engineers, this necessary change is an excellent form of adaptation for anyone looking at the future of energy. With the use of AI, electricians can resolve and find issues faster. Jobs can be completed to pinpoint accuracy, and processes can be reported on in real-time to improve efficiency greatly.

Over the years, the power grid has continually evolved to meet demand and public needs. AI is simply the latest in a long line of improvements, helping to fuel future homes and businesses with a greater degree of efficiency and more reliable results in the process. At Peak Substation Services, we’re at the forefront when it comes to AI and the power grid.

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