How to Prepare for a Power Outage in the Winter

Winter brings strong winds, ice, snow, and extreme cold. That’s why the occasional power outage is something we should prepare for in advance. What if the power went out for two days and you had nothing prepared to get you by? It would be uncomfortable and it could threaten your health. We count on electricity for everything, so it’s important to prepare for a power outage, especially during the winter. To help you, here are a few tips that will make preparing for a power outage much easier.

  1. Get a bunch of flashlights and have them around the house in accessible locations. This way, you’ll be able to get them in an emergency. Also, get a supply of batteries!
  2. Candles and matches are also a must, so make sure you stock up on them and keep them somewhere you can easily grab them. It can also be useful to have a candle or propane lantern or an oil lamp.
  3. A battery-operated radio is also a must because communications and the Internet could be completely compromised. This will allow you to stay up to date during a power outage. Check that the radio works at least once a year.
  4. Have the supplies to cook over an open fire at the ready, such as charcoal, biomass or wood, and learn how to cook this way in case there’s no gas during a power outage.
  5. Get a manual can opener so you can easily and safely open canned food. Coffee lovers should also get a French press and ground coffee for such occasions.
  6. If there’s a space in your freezer, fill it with water containers. This way, the frozen containers will keep the cold for longer in case of a power outage. Don’t fill the containers to the rim, leave enough room for ice to expand.
  7. Keep your cell phone charged and get a car charger in case you need to recharge your phone during a power outage.
  8. If your garage door opener is automatic, learn how the manual release works so you can do that during a power outage. Keep the manual handy so you can refer to it if you need.
  9. Fill up your tank if a major storm is predicted because a power outage is possible and gas stations will not be working.
  10. When the power goes out, unplug your devices to save them from power spikes when the electricity returns.
  11. Also, don’t open your fridge or freezer more than you have to. Unopened refrigerators can contain cold for up to 4 hours, and unopened freezers will contain cold for up to 24 hours.
  12. Stock up on books, board games, playing cards, toys for children, and any other items you need for entertainment so you can still have fun during a power outage.

As you can see, preparing for a power outage during winter is not that difficult. All you need to do is get a few supplies and items, so you can be comfortable until your power is restored!