Substation Capabilities


Not sure where to start? As a substation packager, we’ve helped hundreds of clients over the past 15 years develop their plan and then procure all of the pieces to be delivered to the construction site. We help engineers lay the groundwork of the plan, then provide the pieces for the construction company to do the work on the ground.

The main purpose of a substation is to receive power from a generating station and ready that power as needed for distribution to the next point. At Peak Substation Services, we are a little like a substation. We can take the power of the engineering firm’s plans, turn them into the necessary components needed, and have them distributed to the job-site for the construction company’s assembly.


The number one benefit of working with Peak Substation Services is a reduction of man-hours for your team. Here’s how. First, we can help you with the design by performing complete material take-offs from drawings and specifications. Next, we can provide budget information, purchase the components, and receive all materials needed. In the process, we can reduce the combined material costs by utilizing our purchasing experience and vendor relationships. And, finally, we can coordinate the delivery logistics. This includes high-voltage parts and materials on an as-needed basis.


With more than 1,000 substation packages under our belts, we’re ready to put our experience in design, procurement, and construction to work for you. We know that the large majority of electrical substation production is having the materials on site for assembly. We’re familiar with standard lead-times on these projects. We’ve provided the pieces needed at the required time and within budget for so many engineering and construction firms in the past. Let us help you make the plan and get the components to make it work.


We know the challenges you’ll face in the building of an electrical substation. We’ve been through this before. You don’t want to have to deal with delivery delays, incompatible and substandard parts, ineffective handling, paperwork issues, and excessive fees. All of these things can compromise the schedule and success of your project. Let us help you with the plan, schedule, procurement, and delivery of all the needed pieces. We’re here to free up your time to work on other more pressing projects.


At Peak Substation Services, we bundle and pre-engineer all of the required electrical and structural components, products, and materials for utility distribution and transmission substations. We have extensive substation experience in voltage ranges from 4160 to 500k (EHV). We’ve worked with both steel and aluminum lattice—as well as beam, tube, and tapered tube form. In addition to structural components, we also provide the electrical materials for switching, fusing, metering, connecting, grounding, current-carrying, lightning arresting, and overload protection.


We can help you get the components you need. After being in this business for 15+ years, we’ve become pretty well connected. As a result of building so many substation packages, our network has expanded and grown. Need conductors of different voltages and applications? New switches and risers? Add-on pieces? Yard expansion materials? We’ve got you covered. We have experience working with rural electric associations, municipal utilities, contractors, consultants, investor-owned utilities, and industrial companies. You need it? We can get it for you.


As a substation packager, we regularly work with EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) contractors and LSTK (Lump Sum Turn Key) contractors. We’re ready to partner with you to get it done. We know that you need to deliver an electrical substation that performs to a specified level, by a fixed date, and for a guaranteed price. Failure to meet any one of these performance marks will result in financial liabilities for you. And we want to help you avoid any pitfalls. So put our experience to work for you. Let’s team up.


We think our people say it best. 

“Peak Substation Services adds value in many ways, but the most prominent are the reduced man-hours that are involved in coordinating and completing a project, and the reduction of combined material costs for the project by maximizing our purchasing and vendor relationships.” – Larry Butts, President

“Problem solving and design questions – we are able to utilize our resources and experience that can be helpful with those last-minute changes that occur on every project. We can get material to the site from multiple resources to ensure that a project goes on-line in time.” Jason Harris, Sales Manager and Project Management


PEAK stands for Professional, Experienced, Accountable, and Knowledgeable. All of our team members understand and abide by this paradigm. It’s what drives us to make your project a success. Because when you’re successful, we’re successful. 

Reach out to us. We’d love to help with your substation project. Let us tell you how we can. Use the contact us link or give us a call at (877) 324-0909.

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