Overhead Lines & Service Conductors

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One of our specialty areas is overhead service conductors and lines. A conductor is a power transmission material that distributes electricity across long distances. Overhead service conductors consist of electrical charge carriers that transmit ions and electrons from one atom to another upon voltage application. As the name suggests, overhead conductors are suspended in the air, with a utility pole on one side and a service mast on the other. Conversely, underground conductors are buried underground, transmitting electricity while remaining out of sight.

Some metals are better suited for overhead service conductors than others. For instance, copper, silver, aluminum, iron, and gold stand out for their high electrical conductivity. Even so, it’s often preferred to opt for a cheaper metal with a lower density per unit volume. The material should also offer higher tensile strength to withstand strain.

Popular Conductor Materials

Let's compare different overhead service conductor materials.

Types Of Conductors

The following types of overhead service conductors transport electricity from power plants to end users.

Our Products

  • ACSR
  • AAC
  • AAC/TW
  • ACAR
  • ACSS

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