AAAC-6201 (All Aluminum Alloy Conductor - 6201)

Peak Substation Services presents the AAAC-6201 (All Aluminum Alloy Conductor-6201 wire) for your transmission and distribution needs. If your project needs excellent sag-tension properties and superior corrosion resistance, consider the 6201 wire for electrical purposes.

AAAC-6201 Applications

The 6201 wire serves as a bare conductor for primary and overhead secondary distribution lines. The conductor's notable sag properties come from its heavy-duty aluminum alloy that offers a higher strength-to-weight rating.

AAAC-6201 Specifications

The All Aluminum Alloy Conductor is developed in accordance with the following American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standard specification:

The All Aluminum Alloy Conductor-6201 wire comes in different variants that differ in conductor size, weight, and breaking strength ratings. Code words include:

Amherst, Butte, Elgin, Anaheim, Azusa, Flint, Akron, Ames, Darien, Cairo, Alton, Alliance, Greeley, Canton


The homogenous concentrically stranded conductor consists of round aluminum alloy 6201-T81 wire. Conductors can be single or multi-layered depending on their current carrying capacity and strength requirements.

Concentric lay-stranded AAAC wire are made from a high-strength aluminum-magnesium-silicon combination. Furthermore, the All Aluminum Alloy Conductor offers several electrical grade variations, including the 6101 and 6201 wire.

The 6201 wire is designed as an economical solution for overhead projects with higher strength requirements than regular aluminum 1350 but without the steel core. Note that 6201-T81 conductors have the same DC resistance as standard equal-diameter ACSR conductors at 20 ºC. Additionally, 6201-T81 conductors are harder and more resistant to abrasion than 1350-H19 aluminum.

AAAC-6201 Features

Due to the increased strength-to-weight ratio, the 6201-T81 alloy features on transmission and distribution lines that require:

  • Conductors with more strength requirements than AAC
  • Conductors with more comparable strength than ACSR
  • More corrosion resistance than ACSR conductors

Compared to regular ASCR transmitters, AAAC is preferred for high and medium-voltage transmission lines because of its relative ampacity ratings and breaking strength, lighter weight, predominant corrosion resistance, and lower electrical losses. AAAC actually has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than any other bare conductor.

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