ACAR (Aluminum Conductor Alloy Reinforced) Wire

Learn about the ACAR (Aluminum Conductor Alloy Reinforced) wire we have available for your projects.

ACAR Applications

Aluminum conductor alloy reinforced (ACAR) wire is used extensively for bare overhead transmission, whether it's for a primary or secondary distribution cable. Due to a higher strength-to-weight ratio, ACAR is preferred for a line design where strength and ampacity are central.

ACAR Specifications

ACAR is manufactured according to the following ASTM specifications:

  • B230: Aluminum alloy 1350-H19 for electrical uses
  • B398: 6201-T81 aluminum alloy for electrical uses
  • B524: Concentric-lay-stranded aluminum wire made from extra-hard aluminum alloy 1350-H19 and round aluminum alloy, which is reinforced for overhead electrical applications


This concentric-lay-stranded conductor consists of aluminum-alloy 6201-T81 wire and aluminum 1350-H19. Depending on the strength and current requirements, you can choose single or multi-layer ACAR conductors.

For equal weight, the aluminum conductor alloy reinforced offers more ampacity and strength than ACSR conductors. Ordinarily, 1350-H19 wire surrounds a 6201-T81 core. However, some designs have the 6201-T81 and 1350-H19 wire stranded in one layer.

ACAR Features

The 6201-T81 offers a higher strength-to-weight ratio, making ACAR conductors ideal for distribution and transmission applications where:

  • Conductors should have a higher strength than AAC
  • Conductors should have a lower weight than ACSR
  • Conductors should have higher current capabilities than AAAC and ACSR
  • Corrosion resistance should exceed ACSR conductors

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