ACSS/TW (Aluminum Conductor, Steel-Supported/Trapezoidal Wire)

If you're looking for a balance between high electrical conductivity and mechanical strength, you've come to the right place. Learn about the aluminum conductor steel-supported/trapezoidal wire available at Peak Substation Services.

Applications of Steel Reinforced ACSS/TW Wire

The aluminum conductor steel-supported trapezoidal wire is specifically engineered for overhead distribution and transmission lines. It has excellent tensile strength and can work continuously up to 250 ºC. In addition, the cable exhibits reduced sag under emergency electrical loads and boasts superior self-damping characteristics. It's also immune to long-term aluminum creep effects.

This cable is available as an equal-area and equal-diameter conductor. This means you can go for the equivalent ampacity in a smaller conductor diameter or increased ampacity in an equal-diameter conductor.

The wire also provides numerous design benefits for new line construction. These include reduced tower costs, decreased sag, and excellent self-damping properties. Moreover, the cable is corrosion-resistant and applicable in coastal areas with saline conditions. It also works with a higher operating temperature.


Specifications of the ACSS/TW Wire

This popular conductor coincides with or exceeds these ASTM specifications:

ACSS/TW Construction 

The ACSS trapezoidal wire is characterized by a concentric-lay-stranded design. Its central core consists of steel strands encircled by one or more layers of aluminum 1350-0 wire with a minimum average conductivity of 63 percent.

The steel core primarily handles the conductor's mechanical load due to the soft or fully annealed tempered aluminum wire. Safeguarding the steel core against corrosion is the zinc-5 percent aluminum-mischmetal alloy layer. Peak Substation Services also offers variants like high-strength, aluminum-clad steel core and aluminized steel core.

ACSS/TW Features

There isn't much difference between the ACSS/TW wire and the conventional ACSR/TW conductors. However, the former has an edge in several ways.

First, ACSS TW cables incorporate a zinc-5% aluminum mischmetal alloy coating. This allows them to reach operating temperatures up to 250 °C. In addition, the cable's minimum average conductivity is 63 percent International Annealed Copper Standard (IACS) for their annealed 1350-O aluminum wire, which improves their current carrying capacity.

The design of ACSS/TW wire places little to no mechanical load on the annealed aluminum wire, which minimizes the impact of aeolian vibration. With ACSS/TW wire, you don't have to worry about long-term creep, and the equal area design delivers equal ampacity with about 10 percent less diameter.

At the same time, the smaller diameter reduces the effect of emergency electrical loadings. You can opt for an equal-diameter conductor, increasing aluminum area by approximately 20 to 25 percent. This will lower the AC resistance by about 15 to 20 percent and enhance its current-carrying capacity by about 10 percent.

ACSS/TW Conductor Types

Conductor types include:

Partridge, Falcon, Bluebird, Oriole, Linnet, Kettle, Hen, Hawk, Schuylkill, Pecos, Rio Grande, Flicker, Parakeet, Maumee, Wabash, Rook, Potomac, Pee Dee, Bobolink, Martin, Calumet, Chukar, Dove, Oswego, Grosbeak, Tern, Phoenix, Canary, Scoter, Snowbird, Grackle, Puffin, Drake, Condor, Mystic, Pheasant, Suwannee, Plover, Dipper, Nelson, Yukon, Cheyenne, Rail, Scissortail, Bluejay, Mohawk, Cardinal, Ortolan, Curlew, James, Athabaska, Thames, St. Croix, Avocet, Mackenzie, Miramichi, Bunting, Oxbird, Powder, Finch, Bittern, Lapwing, Fraser, Cumberland, Columbia, Genesee, Hudson, Catawba, Truckee, Merrimack, Platte, Santee

Such a long list can make it difficult to choose the right variety for your project. However, we've simplified your job with these key factors to take into consideration:

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Why PEAK Substation Services?

Peak Substation Services offers the ACSS/TW cable, an overhead electrical conductor serving high-voltage transmission and distribution lines. Most industrial users and utility contractors tout it for its reduced drag, higher operating temperature, and excellent self-damping properties. It's also popular for its remarkable ability to withstand emergency electrical loadings.

Understandably, you want a reliable and quality product that gives you peace of mind. Peak knows this, and we're your one-stop partner for all your structural and electrical material needs. Clients throughout the U.S. count on us for all-inclusive material take-offs right from specifications. Our customers also gain valuable budget insights, purchase guides, and free shipping. We deliver high-voltage components as provided in our Product Sales provisions.

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ACSS/TW cables are a popular option in the industry for a variety of applications. These cables boast excellent self-damping properties and work at increased operating temperatures.

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