ACSS (Aluminum Conductor Steel Supported) Wire

Here's everything you need to know about ACSS wire (Aluminum Conductor Steel Supported) to make an informed purchase for your next project.

ACSS Wire Applications

Besides overhead distribution, ACSS conductors are also used for transmission lines and can operate continuously at up to 250°C while retaining maximum strength. Furthermore, ACSS sags less than ACSR conductors under electrical loadings, is self-damping when stretched during installation, and final sags aren't impacted by aluminum's long-term creep. Because of this, ACSS is ideal for:

  • Applications requiring higher currents for existing clearances and tensions
  • New line applications with high emergency loading requirements
  • New line uses where structures are economized due to reduced conductivity sag.
  • Lines with aeolian vibration

ACSS Wire Specifications

Aluminum conductor steel supported wire follows these ASTM standards:

  • B500: Metallic coated/aluminum-clad-stranded steel core for overhead electrical conductors. The specification covers galvanized (zinc-coated), zinc-aluminum-mischmetal alloy-coated, and aluminized (aluminum-coated) stranded steel core, which is inserted for aluminum conductors, steel reinforced (ACSR) applications.
  • B609: Aluminum 1350 round wire, annealed and intermediate tempers, and is meant for electrical applications such as stranding into conductors and single conductors, whether bare or insulated.
  • B802: Zinc-5% Zn-5Al-MM (aluminum-mischmetal) alloy-coated steel core wire consists of three Zn-5Al-MM coating classes for the mechanical enhancement of ACSR.
  • B803: High-strength zinc–5 % aluminum-mischmetal alloy-coated steel core wire for overhead electrical conductors.
  • B856: Concentric-lay-stranded aluminum conductors, coated steel supported (ACSS) for overhead electrical conductors.
  • B958: Extra-high-strength and ultra-high-strength class A zinc–5% aluminum-mischmetal alloy-coated steel core wire for overhead electrical conductors.


This concentric-lay-stranded conductor has steel strands that form its central core, with two or more aluminum 1350-O layers surrounding it. The "O" temper aluminum (soft or fully annealed) means this steel core carries all or most of the mechanical load.

Depending on the environment, you can protect the steel core wire from corrosion through mischmetal alloy coating, aluminum cladding, or galvanizing.

ACSS Conductor Types

The following code words represent ACSS conductor types:

Falcon, Redwing, Lark, Bittern, Tern, Junco, Bluebird, Grosbeak, Nuthatch, Peacock, Mallard, Pheasant, Ruddy, Condor, Teal, Stilt, Rail, Roadrunner, Wood Duck, Macaw, Ibis, Dove, Hawk, Joree, Oriole, Curlew, Chukar, Parrot, Kiwi, Gannet, Redbird, Brant, Mockingbird, Drake, Starling, Partridge, Plover, Snowbird, Egret, Finch, Towhee, Canvasback, Parakeet, Canary, Martin, Bobolink, Bunting, and Cuckoo.

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