Bare Copper Wire and Cable

Copper stands out as one of the most effective electricity conductors, second only to silver. That's why it's a popular option, predominantly in electrical appliances where it's available as bare copper wire. It's also widely appreciated for its remarkable voltage and load capability.

So, what is bare copper conductor cable?

Bare copper cable refers to copper wire that lacks coating. Some also refer to it as bare copper ground cable. 

Various constructions of the cable exist, including braided, single-end/solid, or bare stranded copper cable. Your choice will depend on specific application requirements. 

Electronics manufacturers prefer this material for its impressive heat conductivity and corrosion resistance. Other remarkable benefits of bare copper ground wire include:

  • Remarkable malleability and ductility
  • High melting point
  • Impressive robustness
  • Long-term durability
  • Creep resistance
  • Good solderability
  • Damage-resistant, even while transmitting a large amount of power

All these properties make bare copper grounding cable a great choice for electrical appliances and grounding and bonding applications. Peak Substation Services is a reputable provider of such cables and more.

Peak is a one-stop packager for all of your structural and electronic material needs, allowing for peace of mind, product quality, and reliability. Whether you’re an industrial client or utility contractor, you can find everything you need in one place.

Applications of Bare Copper Wire and Cables

Bare copper conductors serve various applications based on their characteristics. The National Electrical Code recommends them primarily for grounding purposes. Soft-drawn solid or stranded conductors make great options for grounding connections within circuits, machinery, or equipment. Conversely, hard-drawn copper conductors best suit overhead transmission and distribution lines. They also ground connections in circuits and machinery.

The versatility of copper conductors extends to applications such as electrical hookups, jumpers, and electrical appliances. You can leverage this to ensure a secure ground connection, facilitate circuits, or support overhead transmission lines. In addition, the conductor’s flexibility and conductivity contribute to the efficient functioning of a wide range of equipment and installations. So you have your answer if you're among the many people who ask, "Can bare copper ground wire be buried?"


Bare copper wire and cables from Peak Substation Services meet or exceed these ASTM specifications:


Bare copper wire can be solid or stranded. Both options consist of elemental metal copper construction, which is well known for its excellent electrical conductivity. Depending on your project and application requirements, you can choose from various tempers, including hard, medium-hard, or soft.

Stranded conductors with hard and medium-hard tempers contain multiple smaller copper wire that are concentrically stranded. This design provides flexibility and enhances the product's durability. On the other hand, soft-drawn temper conductors include a combination of uni-lay stranded wire.


Bare, bright copper wire has several features that set it apart from its insulated or aluminum counterparts. The first standout attribute is its excellent conductivity. In fact, it ranks among the most effective conductors on the market. Electric current flows better and experiences less resistance than other options, which helps with energy waste and optimizing power delivery.

Bare copper cable can endure up to 100°C. You can draw it into smaller strands to facilitate convenient installation. The cable is also more flexible than alternative wiring materials, and you can easily bend or twist it to accommodate various installation requirements. Furthermore, many often appreciate the wire's durability and resistance to corrosion that can be caused by exposure to moisture and air.

There's also a noticeable difference between the price of bare, bright copper wire and other alternatives. For example, bare copper wire costs less per pound than aluminum.

Engineering Information

Bare copper wire can be either soft bare copper solid or have Classes A or B stranding in line with ASTM B-3 and B-8 bare copper wire standards. You can acquire it as hard-drawn or medium hard-drawn per B-1 and B-2 standards. Additionally, you have the option to choose tinned copper. The difference between tinned copper and bare copper wire is that the former has a tin coating, preventing the degradation and electrical performance failure that can come from oxidation. 

Common stock items typically include "Class B" and soft copper stranding. You can choose from different bare copper cable sizes. Solid options range from 14 AWG to 2 AWG, Class A-4 bare copper wire AWG to 1000 kcmil—and Class B from 6 bare copper wire AWG to 2000 kcmil. Additionally, the stranding features soft, medium hard-drawn, or hard-drawn copper wire. All these are concentrically stranded and consist of one or more wire layers wrapped helically around a middle cable.

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The variety of available cable options can make it difficult to select the right bare copper wire.

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