Substation Products & Component Sales


As a substation equipment supplier, we understand that you need quality electrical substation components like new parts, replacement parts, electrical switchgear, control cable, and substation accessories—just to name a few. At Peak Substation Services, we’ve got you covered. Let us help you procure the bus system components, conductors, transmission lines, transformers, circuit breakers, switches, insulators, capacitors, connectors, anchor materials, and grounding materials you need.

Let us be your resource for electrical substation equipment, components, parts, and more. After being in this business for 15+ years, Peak Substation Services has become very well connected. Our network has expanded and grown as a result of building so many substation packages. We have established connections with substation equipment suppliers to help you get the components and parts (like switchgear, control cable, and substation accessories) you need. Looking for conductors of different voltages and applications? Need new switches and risers? How about add-on pieces? Yard expansion materials? We’ve got you covered. For years, we’ve helped rural electric associations, municipal utilities, contractors, consultants, investor-owned utilities, and industrial companies locate components of all sorts and sizes. You need it? We can get it for you.


Jason Harris handles our substation packaging project management as well as product sales and sales representative management. Jason possesses an expert, in-depth knowledge of vendor resources, products, and shipping logistics. Something of high value in emergencies that require a responsive vendor. With a will-do attitude and exceptionally high energy, he strives for perfection in customer service. Plus, he can even add a slice of intelligent humor to help lighten your day. Jason is here to help make your job a little bit easier. 

With nearly 30 years of electrical distribution and substation packaging experience, you can’t go wrong with Jason Harris and the Peak Substation Services team. We’ll help you procure the electrical substation equipment you need—while matching your budget and meeting your timeline. 

You can reach Jason via email at or give him a call at either (877) 324-0909 ext. 1 or (205) 807-0414.

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