Prosumer VS Consumer: What’s The Difference?

In an ever-changing world where new terms are constantly being thrown around, it can be hard to keep up with the latest lingo – especially in the energy source sector. We’re all probably familiar with the term “consumer”…but there’s a new kid on the sustainability block: “prosumer”. But what does it mean to be a prosumer, and what are the main differences between being a consumer of energy and a prosumer of energy? Let’s dive in to find out. 

What Is An Energy Consumer?

If you aren’t familiar with what a consumer means within energy teams, simply put it’s someone that uses energy, such as electricity from a grid. We use the energy without making the efforts to replenish it, making it a one-way system that the majority of us have relied on for decades. 

What Is An Energy Prosumer?

Contrasting energy consumers, a prosumer is a person that not only consumes energy but also does something to produce it. Be it through the use of an electric vehicle or the installation of solar panels as a commitment to more sustainable energy generation, prosumers are those that work to offset their energy consumption in a proactive manner. 

Why Is Energy Prosumerism On The Rise?

To put it simply, more and more Americans are choosing to become energy prosumers rather than simple consumers due to the former offering a wealth of benefits. Not only is it more sustainable for the environment, but it can also be a great investment as a valuable asset sure to only increase in its worth as eco-friendly trends continue to be popular. 

The energy sector is continually innovating new ways to make prosumerism more accessible for all, regardless of location or budget. For instance, recent grid modernization into a smart electric system allows for households to become prosumers on a smaller and more personal scale – these little things quickly add up to a positive change. 

What Are The Advantages Of Becoming An Energy Prosumer As Opposed To A Consumer?

As mentioned before, being a prosumer is as equally about giving back to the environment as it is taking from it. This helps to work towards reversing the substantial damage unsustainable energy harvesting methods has caused over the years. 

Not only this but, following an initial investment in your prosumer assets or tools, it could eventually become a cost-effective measure that helps to keep your energy bills lower. If you install something physical on your home, such as solar panels, you could also see your property’s value increase upon deciding to resell! 

What Are The Advantages Of Continuing To Be An Energy Consumer?

While prosumerism is undoubtedly the way forward, it isn’t yet at a point of being universal across the US. For many, implementing measures such as solar panels remains unaffordable – as does buying an electric vehicle. 

Further, electric vehicle charging points are nowhere near as readily accessible as gas stations are – especially in remote locations. 

There are many smaller actions that you can take should you choose to stay as a consumer until prosumerism is attainable for all, such as recycling or opting against fast fashion. 

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