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Peak Substation Services adds value in many ways, but the most prominent are the reduced man-hours that are involved in coordinating and completing a project, and we can reduce the combined material costs for the project by maximizing our purchasing experience and vendor relationships.

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For any problem-solving and design questions – we have the best sources and experience that can be extremely helpful with all of the last-minute changes that come with every project. We can get materials to the site from multiple sources to ensure that a project goes online in time.

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Successful developments necessitate superior materials. That’s why Peak Substation Services strives for excellence with you, equipping you with well-made, high-quality resources for every stage of your project. We're here to help ensure your vision stands the test of time.

Please call 877-324-0909 for more details or
send us an email at lbutts@peaksubstation.com

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Peak Substation Services LLC can help solve your electrical substation packaging dilemmas!

Here at Peak Substation Services, we value your time and concerns. Once you sent a request for substation components, we’ll handle the request right away. We procure only the best materials so that your project won’t be compromised. On top of that, our employees are trained enough in handling all types of requests related to substation packaging.



 A wide range of substation components: Peak Substation Services is your personal go-to when it comes to substation materials. Our materials have high quality and durability. You don’t have to worry about the rates of our products because they’re competitively priced. We can also provide you with a brochure, complete with all required product details.

Substation design analysis: We don’t just give you substation components. Rather, we also analyze the current substation design project and share our important viewpoints. This way you’ll be aware of areas for improvement.

Bill of material provision: With the help of our bill of material processing, you can get the exact materials for the right price. There will be no over-assumptions or wrong guesses. We’ll take care of this process for you.

Purchase Order management system: Speed is always important for every substation project. Once you sent us a PO, just sit tight and we’ll expedite the request.

Installation consultancy: If ever you’re confused about the materials you received, we can provide a simple installation consultancy service. This will expand your knowledge about our materials and the proper ways to utilize them.

If you need professional substation packaging, you may contact us at 877-324-0909. You can also email us
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