Substations have the potential to be high-risk and pose unique hazards. Here are some ways you can manage your substation accessibility to prevent future safety risks.

Why substation accessibility requires maintenance

According to an in-depth article published by the United States Department of Labor, some of the most significant safety risks within the electric power industry are:

In short, substation accessibility directly influences the safety of your employees and the general security of your infrastructure.

Areas of substation accessibility

Secure authorized access

If electrical, manual, or inspection/delivery work is necessary, you will need an effective and detailed method for the secure authorized access of qualified personnel. So be sure you know OSHA’s 29 CFR 1910.269(u) stipulations and what category you will need to classify a specific form of access under (unescorted, accompanied by qualified escort, etc).

Unauthorized access prevention

The more you prevent unauthorized access within your substation, the less chance you will have of experiencing accidents due to negligence or misuse. Be sure you have ample light, property surveillance, alarm systems, fences, and enclosures (including ample warning signs).

According to Substation Safety, “Implementing a suitable access program after analyzing site-specific risks can help address accessibility concerns.”

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