Substations Packaging


Do you wish there was a one-stop shopping experience for electrical substations? Well, there is. At Peak Substation Services, our job is to make your work life easier. We want to function as an extension of your team to help you get your substation project done within budget and on time. As a substation packager, our goal is to be your single source to procure and deliver all of the specified parts you need for your substation project. In addition to critical piece procurement, on time and within budget, we can also help you with the initial design itself. Reach out to us and let’s see how we can work together. We’re here to make this process easier on you. 

As an electrical substation packager, we bundle and pre-engineer all of the required electrical and structural components, products, and materials for utility distribution and transmission substations. We have extensive experience in voltage ranges from 4160 to 500k (EHV). In terms of materials, we’ve worked with both steel and aluminum in a lattice—as well as beam, tube, and tapered tube form. In addition to structural components, we also provide the electrical materials for switching, fusing, metering, connecting, grounding, current-carrying, lightning arresting, and overload protection.


At Peak Substation Services, we know that you can’t beat experience. And that’s why we want to put our 100+ years of combined experience to work for you. Over the years, we’ve put more than 1000 packages into service. Our experience in substation packaging, design, distribution, manufacturing, construction, and procurement make Peak Substation Services a great resource for you.


One of the biggest benefits our customers see from substation packaging is a reduction in man-hours. It’s an added value we bring to our client relationships. By maximizing our purchasing experience and vendor relationships, we are able to achieve efficiencies that are unmatched without it. We not only save the time it would take to research, contact, and order all of the needed pieces: We also reduce the combined material costs for the project. Take advantage of both our experience and network. We want to put them to work for you. 

Following are more details of service offerings:
- Perform complete material take-offs from drawings and specifications;
- Provide budget information;
- Purchase and receive materials;
- And ship to destinations across the United States.
We also provide and ship high-voltage parts and materials on an as-needed basis through our Product and Component Sales Division.

We’re not just any electrical substation packager: We are here to help you with your substation project from beginning to end. Let us help you with the details of your design, procurement and receipt of materials, coordination of purchasing, and logistics of delivery.


As an electrical substation packager, we know that every substation or overhead line requires many pieces of equipment and material, which are typically required to arrive at the job site per a designated construction schedule or on a JIT (just in time) basis. As a packager, we can help reduce the direct involvement of the utility or consultant, saving you time and money. Two ways we can do this are our bill-of-material and purchase orders. 

Our bill-of-material provides the customer with an itemized physical “take-off” where we determine each type, quantity, and size of material required for the job. This is performed from analyzing drawings and specifications of a pre-designed substation. We use our employees—instead of yours—to count and price everything, from the grounding material to the finishing nuts and bolts.


When you give us a single purchase order, our purchasing and shipping logistics department will take it from there, freeing your team to work on other projects and priorities. We’ll issue the many individual purchase orders required to complete a package, and get all of those pieces delivered at the time needed. These are just a few of the efficiencies you’ll get by working with us. 

Reach out to us. We’d love to help with your substation project. Use the contact us link or give us a call at (877) 324-0909.

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