Successful developments necessitate superior materials. That’s why Peak Substation Services strives for excellence with you, equipping you with well-made, high-quality resources for every stage of your project. We’re here to help ensure your vision stands the test of time. If you’re looking for quality wood poles to complete your project or serve as a temporary solution while you wait for steel poles, take a look at our selection below.

Southern Yellow Pine poles are another great utility pole option. We always keep stock of these poles in sizes ranging from 20” to 75” and classes 1 to 9. For projects that require longer lengths, our treating plants are capable of accommodating custom orders. All of our Southern Yellow Pine poles are manufactured according to current ANSI 05.1 standards and come fully treated. Preservative options include CCA, CCA Emulsion, and Plenta. Southern Yellow Pine poles are heavy duty and built to last.

Our Douglas Fir poles are a smart and green-friendly pole option. Their knot-free consistency and sturdy composition make them ideal for both utility and electric projects alike. Choose from our selection of ANSI, CSA and REA approved Douglas Fir transmission and distribution poles. We carry lengths from 20” to 130”. Douglas Fir poles are lightweight due to their softwood nature and are considered some of the safest poles on the market.

Our dense wood crossarms are a cost-effective, long-lasting option for electrical utility projects. They come in either Douglas Fir or Southern Pine timbers. To protect the integrity of our quality crossarms, CCA or Pentachlorophenol preservation treatments are available. Our crossarms are available in 8” and 10” sizes (standard utility length.) Custom lengths are also available within the 4-28” range. Available thickness: 3.5” X 4.5”, 3.75” X 4.75”, and 4.25” X 5.25”. We can also accommodate custom sizes up to 8” thick and 18” wide.

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