Which City Has The Most Expensive Electricity?

Americans are constantly looking for ways to save money, and energy is a big expense. However, there are some cities in the USA that have more expensive electricity than others. In this article, we will discuss which city has the most expensive electricity in America and why.

The cost of electricity varies greatly from one city to another because of differences in costs for transmission lines, distribution lines, and production equipment. For example, a house may be far away from the power plant or may not be serviced by distribution lines. Different US states naturally have different infrastructure and conditions, and this can also affect cost. So which city has the most expensive electricity?

The Most Expensive Electricity In the Country


The city with the most expensive electricity in America is New York City. Electricity in New York City costs on average $0.17 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) compared to the national average of $0.12 per kWh. The high cost of electricity in NYC is due to a combination of factors. These include transmission, distribution, and production costs, as well as a high population density. Added to that, customers in New York are subject to high taxes and fees, as well as a lack of state policies that benefit consumers.  

New York City has an electrical infrastructure that was built up when buildings were constructed close together, making it more difficult for utility companies to provide power lines that are easily accessible by poles or underground cables. Furthermore, many building owners will not allow transmission and distribution lines on their property because they do not receive adequate compensation for doing so. Only a one-off payment is offered rather than long-term compensation.

The Cheapest Electricity

So if NYC has the most expensive electricity in the country, which city is the cheapest? The cheapest electricity in the USA can be found down in the south in Knoxville, Tennessee. Its electricity costs, on average, $0.085 per kWh, which is vastly less than the national average of $0.12 per kWh. 

Electricity in Knoxville is so cheap because the city is powered by the Tennessee Valley Authority, which sells electricity to customers for less than the market rate. Its location on the Tennessee River also means that consumers in Tennessee benefit from cheaper rates because they’re able to take advantage of hydropower.

Big Cities, Big Costs

In general, electricity is more expensive in cities that are denser and have a higher population. This could be due to the increased strain put on electrical grids by dense populations, as well as pricing structures that incentivize consumers to use less energy at peak times when power is in greater demand. 

Other populous cities where you can expect to pay high rates include San Francisco, CA, and Washington D.C. Wider factors that can influence the cost of electricity include competition among suppliers, as well as tax and regulatory considerations. In some areas of the country, there are state-regulated electric monopolies which might allow higher prices to cover the costs associated with servicing more remote or rural areas where it’s more expensive to provide infrastructure.

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